About us

About us

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Northwest Guitars is a community based, family owned guitar shop who's motto is "Everything Guitars!"  Founded in 2004, Northwest Guitars sells instruments, amplifiers and accessories worldwide with customers across the United States as well as in Japan, Europe and South America. We specialize in hard to find, unique, custom and boutique instruments as well as stocking a good supply of entry level guitars for adults and children.  We have a very experienced sales staff, a group of excellent teachers and one of the best luthiers in the Pacific Northwest.  Several staff members have been playing guitar more than 50 years and selling instruments for more than 35 years. Our experience allows us to speak knowledgeably about guitars, music instruction and repair to both the professional player as well as the beginner.

Our Music School has a roster of over 300 students with some of the best teachers around. We make learning fun and we have a reputation for helping "fan the flame" of excitement when it comes to learning. No matter what your ability we can help you reach your goals.

Our Six String Instrument Repair shop tackles everything from simple re-stringing of instruments to complete customization. We even offer classes in Caring for your Instrument for new guitar owners.



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